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The laboratory of Pure and Applied Mathematics Joseph Liouville ( LMPA ) is the laboratory of mathematics of 'Université du Littoral Côte d'Opale' (L.M.P.A.) (U.L.C.O. ). The LMPA is contractualised by the Ministry of Research (team n° EA 2597) and belongs to the CNRS Maths. Laboratories Federation from North of France (FR 2956) 


Warning: set in april 2016, the repository may  be incomplete, please consult our own list : http://www.lmpa.univ-littoral.fr/publications.php





Image restauration Fractional part Almost surely consistence Asymptotic normality Barycentric finite volumes 11A55 Almost periodic functions 93B05 Prelie algebras Calculus of variations 05C05 AUTOMATA Unicité Krylov subspace Fonctions additives Algebraic tangle Combinatorial Hopf algebras Braid monoids Algèbres enveloppantes AMS CLASSIFICATION16W10 Decay Adiabatic invariance Oseen system Dendriform algebra Gauss transformation 20M14 Continued fractions Pre-Lie algebras 18D50 Stability Sous-espace de Krylov Blow-up Algorithme SR Initial and boundary value problem Identification de paramètres Brjuno function Numerical simulations $B\infty$-algebra Molluzzo's problem Integral representation Alpha-mélange Discretization Seawater intrusion Problem of Molluzzo Adjecency matrix Steinhaus triangle Algèbres de Hopf combinatoire Advection equation Upwind method Existence Algorithme de Lanczos Nonlinear parabolic problems Abrupt transition Algorithm 11D07 Packed words 05A10 Structured matrix Acoustic Error estimate Réduction de modèle Alpha-mixing AVERAGE SUM Problem of saltwater intrusion Estimation non paramétrique Matrice structurée Additive number theory Restauration d'images Semi-direct coproduct Apéry element Free boundaries Global solutions Enveloping algebras Koszul duality Fliess operators Model reduction Dissection diagrams Analyse numérique Numerical semigroup Analyse asymptotique Uniqueness Algèbre shuffle Dynamical boundary conditions Problème d'intrusion saline System of strongly coupled partial differential equations Algebraic graph theory Algèbre de Hopf combinatoire Functional equations Oseen term Boundary value problems Steinhaus triangles Incompressible Navier-Stokes system 13A02 16T05 KEYWORDS Quadri-algebras Quasi-symmetric functions CMRH Additive combinatorics Algèbres pré-Lie 11B75 Entiers friables