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L’IRSAMC (The Institute of Research on Complex Atomic and Molecular Systems) is a federation of four laboratories (LCAR, LCPQ, LPCNO, LPT), in physics and fundamental chemistry whose research activities are supported both by the Université Paul Sabatier, the CNRS and INSA

Publications of 4 research laboratories

  • Hal-LCAR. - Laboratory Collisions Clusters Reactivity, from 1990 until todays
  • Hal-LCPQ. - Quantum Chemistry and Physics Laboratory, from 2007 until todays
  • Hal-LPCNO. - Physics and Chemistry of Nano Objects Laboratory, from 2006 until todays
  • Hal-LPT.- Theoretical Physics Laboratory, from 2003 until todays

Main advantages and functioning of Hal

Main advantages

  • Long-term archiving, sustainability of the deposits
  • Better visibility of the scientific productivity
  • Open access, accessible everywhere
  • Possibility of establishing lists of publications


  • The deposit of a document requires the agreement of its authors, and it must respect editor policy.
  • If no agreement has been spent, deposit only the bibliographical note
  • Beware ! Once a document is put online, it cannot be withdrawn. New versions may be added.


To deposit a document

Last submission

[hal-02527292] Interaction of hydantoin with solar wind minority ions: O6+ and He2+  (02/04/2020)   Moins
[hal-02527190] Analytical results for the capacitance of a circular plate capacitor  (02/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02525689] Properties of phonon modes of an ion-trap quantum computer in the Aubry phase  (01/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02525007] Hydrogen Isotope Exchange Catalyzed by Ru Nanocatalysts: Labelling of Complex Molecules Containing N ‐Heterocycles and Reaction Mechanism Insights  (02/04/2020)   Plus
[hal-02520906] Magnetic Relaxation Studies on Trigonal Bipyramidal Cobalt(II) Complexes  (28/03/2020)   Plus

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