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Plasma antenna Radar cross section Conformal Microstrip antennas Lens antennas Millimeter waves Epitaxy Monopole antennas Chambre anéchoïque Parasitic element Compact antenna Mutual coupling Ferroelectric Directivity Oblique incidence Luneburg lens Antennas Wireless communication Fresnel region Continuous beam steering Patch antenna Miniaturisation Impédance d'entrée Wideband Miniaturization ANTENNE Multiband Blood pressure sensors Microwave antennas Directive antennas Metamaterial Antenna arrays Antennes BIE Perovskite Reconfigurable antenna Varactor diode Noise figure NF Superdirectivity Polymère électro-optique Measured results FDTD Design Metasurface High efficiency Radiation efficiency UWB antenna Cylindrical structures Thin films Bandwidth enhancement Rectenna Microwave absorber Dielectric properties All-optical analog-to-digital converter Periodic structures Slot antennas Operating frequency Microstrip antenna Flexible Ku-band Reconfigurable Circular polarization Antenna Antennes miniatures Retournement temporel Network characteristic modes Electromagnetic absorption Antenna measurements Compact antennas Antenne Broadband antenna Fabry-Perot cavity Inhomogeneous lenses Metamaterials Anechoic chamber Carbon fibers Bandwidth Antennes Characteristic modes Fabry Perot Cavity Thin film Electrically small antenna Varactor diodes Polymères Directional patterns antenna Oxynitride Antenna radiation patterns Dielectric Energy harvesting Wideband antenna Compensation Cavity antenna Compact Efficiency Millimeter wave GNSS End-fire Antenna array Beam scanning Reconfigurable hardware MIMO